Smoke Day V

09-05-23 Smoke Day V

Today is Smoke Day V, a day when folks break out their Weber Smokey Mountain smokers and cook. On a holiday weekend, what could be finer? I have been looking forward to this day for months now. Really, it’s just another smoking day, but there’s something about the camaraderie of others enjoying the same activity as you at this same time that forms some sort of synergy.

What to smoke? That was the $64,000 question. After much deliberation, I came to wanting to do a brisket, a fatty, and some ABTs. I wanted to go shopping Thursday evening so all was set to prepare things last evening. But Gert was out Thursday and the shopping did not get completed until Friday. I could not find a packer and did not want just to smoke a flat. Frustrated, I picked up a couple pork butts. I decided to go to my Go To pulled pork. The Renowned Mr. Brown is a crowd pleaser, so no problem.

Except I did not prep last evening. I crashed in my chair. When I awoke at 3:30, I should have prepped things for a late dinner. But I just went to bed. Because of that, there was no waking up early and having a fatty for breakfast. Rather, I rubbed the butts at 1:00. They need to sit eight hours.

So, the butts didn’t go on until 9:00 p.m. It’s still Smoke Day, so I am good there. We are going to have plenty of food tomorrow. The fatty for breakfast, the pork and ABTs for lunch, and Greek food from the festival in the evening. I suspect I will be bloated.

Nevertheless, it was good to be among the may good men and women today smoking. What a great way to spend a day an evening.

NPR even published an article about our day.

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