A Peaceful Sunday Morning

Yesterday was Smoke Day. That ended today. When I pulled the butts off, I put a fatty on. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. I sat down at the dining table to enjoy my breakfast and relax on this gorgeous day.

This is what I heard from my chair.

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4 thoughts on “A Peaceful Sunday Morning”

  1. Your quality of life, along with many others, has been affected. Unlike the race venues you mention (Indy, Coca Cola) this can happen almost every weekend except in the winter. An international expert — Eric Zwerling — said that without proper noise restrictions this is exactly what would happen. Derella, Quinn, and Shannon, ignored this reputable scientist’s opinion in favor of a local consultant working for NJMP with very little training in noise. As you pointed out in a blog years ago, one who spoke up was branded an “economic terrorist” by Gary Wodlinger, who (interstingly) was co-serving as counsel for the County and NJMP. Magazzu declared “war” on those raising concerns and even went so far as to sic the DEP on the company owned by the husband of one of those raising concerns (Wodlinger was at this meeting!!!!). As you said politics at its worst. Where were our commissioners (Shannon, Derella, Quinn) when all of this nastiness was going on? Well, based on press reports, they were either silent or endorsed these terrible tactics.
    Also don’t forget that on many days the races you hear are not “big time” sanctioned races; rather, they are simply wealthy people racing their own cars on the track. Similar tracks in other towns require mufflers. In fact (based on conversations I have had with some car owners) some people who race at NJMP use mufflers on their cars at other parks and then remove them when they visit NJMP. Why? because they can! Why? Because our city allows them.
    Sadly we are stuck with these commissioners for another four years because, in part, the Johnson-Krull-Forbes axis believes they do a good job. Selling out the quality of life of so many citizens for so little return is bad policy.
    Pray for rain; look forward to winter. Hope for better leadership in four years. The City deserves better. In the meantime call the mayor, call the County, call the state.

  2. Are you kidding, EyeonMillville? You honestly think that NJMP is just a bunch “wealthy people racing.” Your narcissism is bleeding through your words.

    Have you taken the time to go out to the track when all these “wealthy people” are snobbing around drinking their Dom as their servants work on their cars? Unbelievable (but then again, if I were like you, I guess I would expect that from someone who lives in Jersey).

    FYI, these non-big time race events are, partly, not race event at all. It is a hobby. Some people that partake do have money and take their Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, or Ducati’s out. HOWEVER, a majority of the participants have an old beater car/motorcycle and just love to get out on the track and enjoy the vehicle for what it was created to do: perform. These TRACKDAYS take adults, spouses, wives, husbands, grandparent, and even kids, possibly your children, off the street and give them a safe controlled environment to enhance their skills and enjoy their hobby. Mr Owens seems to be a oval track enthusiast. Where do you think the sport would be without trackdays? Where would all those big name drivers get their start?

    If you would ever get your head surgically removed from your wherever it may be stuck, come on out to some of the events and experience what it has to offer. A trackday is more like a giant picnic than a race event.

  3. Just a friendly reminder to debate the issue, not the person. If you can’t make your point without attacking the person, then do not make your point on this site.

    I have no issue with racing. I am a casual fan. I am not against NJMP. I just don’t want to hear the roar of the engines in my home, when we are trick-or-treating, when we want to eat dinner on our deck, etc. I believe there are remedies that can be done to alleviate the issue.

    One thing that needs to be done that NJMP doesn’t even need to be involved in is for Mayor Shannon, Commissioner Quinn, and Commissioner Derella to finally admit that the sound ordinance they wrote and passed was squandered public policy. I challenge them to point to any facility in this state that outputs 80db for 20 minutes continuously. I suspect there is none. No racetrack will do so, therefore, writing and passing this ordinance has absolutely no effect upon anything. It was the smoke and mirror show they produced during the track proposal.

    When they admit that, then we can work on replacing them.

  4. Point well taken, in that I should have not used the word “wealthy” in my original post way back in May of 2009. The financial status of those making the noise is irrelevant. However, Jonathan you fail to address the key points in my original post. Specifically, why should these people be allowed to make such incredbile levels of noise that it is audible throughout much of Millville? Why is their recreation allowed to interfere with my recreation? Regarding your other post relating to the noise on trick or treat day, I cannot believe you can watch that video and not think that 1) all that “background” noise is not race cars from the track and that 2) such levels of noise would not be a nuisance to many.

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