Birthday BBQ

The last couple of years we had a blowout party replete with a water slide to celebrate Beetle‘s birthday. The girl is growing up and opted for a party at the tea room with her girlfriends. We still wanted to have a get-together for the family since everyone was in town this weekend.

Last night after the recital, I fired up the smoker and put a butt on. I had rubbed it at lunch time. I also marinated 16 chicken thighs for Roadside Chicken. I intended to make a fatty, but I was exhausted and it didn’t happen.

The butt smoked all evening. I added beans and ABTs in the morning. I even got around to making the fatty. We’ll have it tomorrow.

We formed burgers, made the corn salad (thanks Mom), and the basting sauce for the chicken. Things started moving. The ABTs came off, the chicken went on. The butt was wrapped. I got a later start than I had wanted. Such is life. The chicken takes nearly an hour. Folks started showing up. Eventually, the chicken came off. The fatty came off. The beans were served. Then the brats, dogs, and burgers. Then more brats. Then I pulled the chicken.

Yes, we should have had a few more people to devour the tablefuls of food. Oh well, we’ll dine well for a while.

09-06-28 Birthday BBQ

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  1. Ah, it sounds like there might be a ‘story’ to go with this comment. What happened?

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