A “Modest” Expenditure

Millville Rescue Squad

The Millville City Commission voted to pay the Rescue Squad on Cedar Street $58,000 to park the police mobility unit (the RV the police park at events) and a couple other vehicles for one year.

There has to be more to this because this absolutely defies common sense.

$58,000 to park vehicles! I will gladly cut down the trees on my lot and only charge the city $20,000 for 13 months. That is a bargain in comparison.

Why was there a City Commission meeting yesterday? Apparently, it was a special meeting, of which I never heard about.

There are no fireworks on Friday and the children’s programs are scaled back this summer because of lack of funds. Yet, $58,000 was found to park a few vehicles. I am sure we will soon hear how this is a “modest” amount of money to park and how Paul Porreca, Lou Magazzu, and Millville First are to blame.

The way The Daily Journal has written the report (yes, newspapers report news), this is an egregious use of taxpayer money.

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One thought on “A “Modest” Expenditure”

  1. Well, the year is up today. According to Commissioner Vanaman, other arrangements have been made that do not cost the taxpayers. We’ll see next time I drive by the rescue squad whether or not the mobile unit is still there.

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