Obama In His Own Words

Fisking someone is very powerful when one’s words are used against him. Believe in the change or not, President Obama has not been honest in what he says. That he is not alone in that is not a defense, it just highlights how pathetic government is.

For the record since I know there are a lot of new folks reading of late, I am an independent. I can appreciate a good fisking from wherever it comes. The Congressional Republicans have put out an effective video taking the president to task over his less than candid remarks that the stimulus package is not only working, but working as planned.

There are certain core values folks need to have to establish credibility. Honesty is one of them. Forget politics. Forget PR. Honesty trumps them all. How can one possibly have faith in the president when he has clearly lied to the American people? It’s not a finger wagger like President Clinton did, but it’s just as clear.

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2 thoughts on “Obama In His Own Words”

  1. Why are all republicans calling themselves independents now? I’m being 100-percent honest when I say I haven’t heard one republican admit to being republican in the past few years. It’s like there’s a two part system now: democrats and independents.

    I’d believe you were independent if every single one of your gripes wasn’t against democrats and Obama, or if you didn’t link exclusively to fox news content.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not challenging your position of concern at all. Our government and our president need to be held accountable, but leave it at that. Don’t claim to be independent when you are a republican.

  2. You really need to read more. I am not a Republican.

    The reason Obama and Democrats get so much attention is that they are the only ones in power. Three of five city commissioners are Democrats. All seven county freeholders are Democrats. My two state legislators and one state senator is Democrat. My governor is Democrat. Both houses of state government are Democrats. My two US Senators are Democrat. My one representative is Republican. Both Houses of Congress are Democratically controlled. My president is Democrat.

    Three people who represent me are Republican. Every other one is Democrat. Of course I am more critical more of Democrats.

    Have you read this piece where I explain why I am independent? That was two years ago. It is linked on every page of this site.

    Did you read this piece? What about this one? Did you read this? How about this? How about this one? Here’s another.

    Have you ever read my views on former Republican Nick Asselta?

    What about my stance on Republican Frank LoBiondo’s broken promise?

    I am critical of my representatives regardless of their party affiliation. To state otherwise is not following the six year’s worth of posts at eCache.

    I am not a Republican, I am an independent . . . an independent who is extremely conservative. Neither Democrats nor Republicans fit that definition.

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