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While I am not surprised that a poll finds New Jerseyans have a higher dislike of former Jim McGreevey now than when he resigned, I wonder why this was even polled. Who is interested? Is the crook looking to get back on the public dole again? . . . The Millville BOE eliminated 13 positions this week.  Last year it eliminated many positions too.  The thing is, each of the last two years, Millville increased taxes on property to pump up its budget . . . Speaking of education in Millville, after cutting those jobs the other night, the BOE approved 60 new positions.  It is using “stimulus” money to create temporary positions.  How silly is this?  Let’s just give it the rosiest of all scenarios, student achievement becomes 100% from Pre-K through 12th grade.  At the end of the year, away go the funds for those positions.  Or will Millville again get a waiver to increase its budget above the cap to make some of these positions permanent?  Yup, that’s how it works . . . Will Obama count those 60 positions as jobs created?  Will he subtract them next year when they are eliminated? . . . Does anyone think Obama’s townhall in New Hampshire yesterday was staged, like his other events? A little girl asking about “mean signs“? Really? I heard nothing of un-American mobs that some leaders have charged . . . Wow! One congressman requires a photo ID to attend a town hall meeting with him, but opposes them to vote. Hypocrisy knows no bounds . . .While I was put off at the beginning of his book Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin’s chapters on the Constitution and Federalism are spot on. I recommend those chapters for all citizens . . .

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  1. As a teacher and conservative, I’d like to hear your opinions on the state pension system. Not just for teachers, but across the board. From where I’m sitting, I have to wonder if the whole thing isn’t just a pyramid scheme founded on the idea that every investment should yeild unrealistic and super-naturally high returns.

    How do we fix it, can it be fixed?

    The private sector has always supported the public sector, but on the condition that private sector enjoyed greater success. That’s not happening now. Salaries in the private sector are lower than the public sector, explain how this can last.

  2. explain how this can last

    It can’t.

    At least the state pension system isn’t unconstitutional as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are. Perhaps they haven’t been ruled that, but the Constitution certainly doesn’t provide for them.

    A state has the right to set up a pension system. Unfortunately, it employed the same hollow “insurance” angle the feds used with the above systems.

    The fix will involve, most likely I suspect, making radical changes to new hires and grandfathering those already in the system.

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