Happy Third Birthday, James

09-08-15 Happy Third Birthday, James

Today was Cousin James’ third birthday party. We have been looking forward to this. Aunt Tracy’s family attends these events . . . and bring food! Mommy really likes the noodles. This is known so today there was actually a separate container for Mommy to bring home. Daddy likes the spring rolls. There were lots of spring rolls. And barbecue chicken, and pork kebobs, and fruit, and salads, and sandwiches, and shrimp, and and and . . . There was so much food, we were full!

Almost everyone from both families were there (unfortunately, Jill, Kim and Mike were unable to make it). As such, there were lots of people and lots of children. There was a bouncy, swimming, water guns,swings, climbing, etc. Everyone had a good time.

The birthday boy had a really cute safari cake. All enjoyed.

Of course, you will note Little Miss Muffin was not in the cake shot . . . or in the pool much. Beetle is in a phase that can only be described as miserably self-absorbed. Prior to the birthday party, we went to the opening of her new dance studio. We paid so much Miss Amy was able to move to new digs. Right before the ribbon cutting (scissors were in hand), Beetle pitched the mother of all fits. She was just so damn miserable and was causing a big scene. Before we made it back to the Jeep, she had Fritz riled up. The two of them were balling and whining and driving us crazy.

Then Mommy spoke up. In all my years I have never heard this sweet, wonderful woman yell like she had then. She got the children quiet. All I recall from the screamfest is the line, “I am the Mommy!” That became the line of the day and it was used by many.

At the party, Beetle was fine for the most part, but she was anti-social, not wanting to do any of the fun things. It’s been such a joy to be with her of late.

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