Election Day


I love Election Day! That I was off from work today made it just that more festive. I voted alone around 10:00 a.m. Gert went in with the children later in the evening.

Watching the returns this evening has been interesting. It sure looks as though Chris Christie is going to pull out the upset here in Blue Jersey: a Republican winning a statewide campaign.

The ballot question to borrow $400 million to fund park cleanups, football fields, and other pet projects is going to squeak through.

It looks like 1st district voters are happy to send two men who have done little for them back to the Assembly. One thinks so little of his record he talks about his son who died four years prior to his running for office. The other parks in handicapped spaces, calls it a BS ticket, and then squanders local tax dollars by going to court rather than just paying the fee.

Even worse, Cumberland County voters are more than happy to send Lou Magazzu back to the freeholder board. It looks as though Tom Shepard will join him, so the 7-0 board will now be 6-1. Nelson Thompson looks to be in as the third freeholder.

Gloria Noto has enough of a lead to hold off Van Embden.

It’s been a mixed evening. I did not subscribe that New Jersey’s gubernatorial election was a referendum on President Obama’s presidency . . . until President Obama said it was. Since he battled so hard for a man who has been disastrous for the Garden State, he can take the loss on his record. So, Obama looks to be the big loser tonight. Well, so was Corzine. Not only did he lose his job, he spent millions to do so.

I am not certain we are poised for a conservative revolution. The GOP is still a mess. Christie did well in a time when things were as stacked against Democrats as they have ever been in this state. Now it is time for him to govern. Governor-elect Christie, you have a massive budget hole for next year’s budget. How are you going to close that? You’re now on the clock.

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3 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. Hopefully Christie will start by cutting the massively bloated state payroll.

    It’s getting hard for the few of us to support the rest of you. 😉

  2. Yup. It was a mixed bag at best. Christie will have to deal with the political reality of New Jersey and the Reps will not have Corzine to kick around. Lou winning well that sucks. The only positive is that the open space won.

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