Dot . . . Dot . . . Dot . . . (Christmas Edition)

Dad Keychain

Kosher salt and cracked black pepper is a simple seasoning. It is, however, an awesome seasoning. The standing rib roast was excellent with just s&p. I just enjoyed a leftover rib. Yummy . . . Holding my children during mass while singing Silent Night really was a special moment for me today . . . The excitement as children open presents is amazing. Being thankful for their rich lives is something that makes parents proud . . . It seemed like every channel is trying to glom off of TBS by running Christmas movie marathons all day. Jeers, however, to whichever channel thought Bad Santa was worthy of being shown over and over. It was bad when we saw it in the theater. It is no better in re-runs . . . Next year I vow to be better with Christmas cards. We ended up with just a photo card with no note this year. I long for doing better . . . This has me wanting coal in my stocking . . . I am not sure how Comcast does it, but whatever is on the NFL channel is available to digital subscribers on 733 without subscribing to the NFL channel. The Chargers trounced the Titans . . . Now it’s time for baseball. MLB is showing Ken Burns’ Baseball, which is a spectacular documentary on the game . . . I’ve never been a fan of the Santa Shoppes schools offer during the school day. This year I had to foot the bill for Beetle to buy gifts in one. Grrrr! My tune is changing. I love the keychain she picked out for me. I will carry it with me daily. Thank you, sweetheart . . . Thank you to the men and women who are overseas, many away from their families, working to keep us safe and free so we can celebrate without worry . . . The aftermath of partying and gift giving. I appreciate the hard workers who will come around tomorrow morning and clear our trash . . . Remember, Christmas is a 12-day celebration. This is just the beginning of the festivities. Merry Christmas to the readers of eCache . . .

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