Nursery School

The first school I attended was Mrs. Kearn’s preschool in Cape May, NJ. It was in her house. From what my mother has told me, Mrs. Kearn was set to close her “school”, but Mom wanting some time off from her little boy volunteered to help out so the school remained open. I began there when I was three. The first Halloween costume I recall was my policeman’s. This is where I met my childhood friend David Somers.

I learned how to pass scissors there. I recall practicing with Stacy Sheehan.

We liked to play in Mrs. Kearn’s basement. One of my classmates had Granimals (or some similar brand). I thought that was really neat.

The thing I really recall liking here were the building bricks. Mrs. Kearn had cardboard blocks to build castles and other structures. I really liked them. They were gray with white swirls. A couple years later, after I entered elementary school, Mrs. Kearn closed her school. Somehow I ended up with all these bricks. I was very happy about that.

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