Richard M. Teitelman Junior High School

For junior high school, I attended Richard M. Teitelman. My first girlfriend was nicknamed Zagnut. My second girlfriend was Kathy Buganski.

I continued wrestling here. In seventh grade I weighed 119 pounds. In eighth grade I grew. I began wrestling at 126 and ended up at 135. I finished fourth in the regional tournament; David Craig finished first. That tournament was held at Vineland High School. In one of the preliminary matches I was rolled on my right shoulder. I let out a shriek that stopped all matches. I was taped up and went out and pinned my opponent. Ha!

The first time I paddled the Batsto was during these years. Our class trips were spent here. I recall purposely tipping our canoes frequently.

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  1. Well, my memory has failed me. As one can see from the certificate at the wrestling tournament, I wrestled 120 that year. Perhaps the weight gain was when I wrestled in ninth grade. That must be it.

    Ah, my memory fails as I age.

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