Chicken Fajitas for Lunch

We had some boneless chicken thighs Gert picked up. I defrosted them, but mistimed when we would eat them. We are meatless on Fridays during Lent, so decided to marinate them. Hey, if the market can extend the life of catfish by marinating, so can I. I only had a little bottle of Jim Beam steak marinade as I was rushing to get out the door. I added a bit of soy and placed in the fridge.

Pulled the chicken out today and sprinkled with Wolfe Rub. Sliced a couple poblanos and an onion. Put all on the Performer for an easy lunch. Heated a few tortillas before the sizzle plate went on. The steak marinade worked well for the chicken.


* Yes, I recognized there is no fajita on a chicken.

10-03-27 Chicken Fajitas for Lunch

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