First Softball Game

10-04-19 Beetle's First Softball Game

Beetle is playing softball this year. Her team, T&F Orange, is sponsored by the photographer who took photographs of our wedding. Opening Day was Saturday, but Beetle’s team did not play until today. She has about two games per week. The league is for girls 5-8, so Beetle is among the youngest playing. While Beetle isn’t the best at the game, she is improving.

Beetle was geared up for the game. She was extremely excited. Her team was up first. In this league, everyone plays. Apparently, the number of outs matters not. The team we played today (light blue) appeared to be comprised of eight-year olds. The first inning was rough. They threw out most of our players. Beetle had her turn. She was one of the only girls who hit the pitched ball. After several attempts, a tee is brought in if the girl does not hit the ball. Much like when Beetle played T-ball, she failed to run to first after she hit the ball. Many girls did similarly.

Once all of Beetle’s team batted, they took the field. There are a lot of players (10 or more). They all play in the infield. The best I could describe Beetle’s position is back-up shortstop. She fielded no balls.

While the first inning dragged on, Fritz was active. We were most impressed when he showed us he can scale a chainlink fence. Wow! He is all boy! We had worked out that Gert would watch Fritz and if things dragged, she would take him home. Things did drag. We could not see how six or seven innings could be played at the rate they were going. I learned the skinny later on: four innings or an hour, whichever comes first. We hit the hour mark in the second inning.

FWIW, Beetle’s team played much better in the second than they had in the first. The coach said something about nerves. The other team was definitely older, but perhaps they weren’t all eight.

Beetle said she had fun. We really played up the event. Beetle was excited. She sometimes mopes about with things like this. Soccer was such an episode a few years ago. So we root, root, root for Beetle. 🙂

Our next game is on Saturday at 6:30, which is entirely too late for a five-year old. Even tonight, the game was at 6:00. This is a school night. Oh well . . .

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  1. I see Beetle’s full name is on her t-shirt. Does she go by Abigail? Is that what her friends call her?

  2. Look at that smile! She sure seems happy – I hope that continues.

    In Iowa we went to 2 sports presentations where the athletic directors were emphatic that the overwhelming reason children want join a team is to have fun. They don’t care nearly as much about winning as do their parents. We were told that if they aren’t having fun, they’ll be miserable and quit.

    Parker played some sports early on and then it became evident he did NOT like to compete. He liked to participate and be with others but not go head-to-head in a competition. Boy Scouts was a better outlet for him than a sports team. He backed off from sports until high school when he joined the swim team. Yes, swimming is a race to see who’s first but he’s not really applied himself in that regard. Again, mostly he’s participated. He swims; he plays; he socializes – often to the frustration of his coach [especially this year’s coach]. Occasionally he’s attempted to improve and beat others, but for the most part he just likes swimming and being with his friends.

    It took me a while to adjust to the participant-child opposed to the competitor-child. He’s not at all like either of his parents, but he’s a great asset to the world…and Beetle is too no matter which way she chooses. I hope she’s always happy!

  3. I give TONS of accolades to the coaches at this level. They have such a big task – including teaching the players the mechanics of the game!

    It’s exciting to see the newest athletes improve over the season…and they do! It’s awesome…and so is Beetle!

  4. Is Beetle excited for her Saturday game?
    Or is that still too far away to be on her radar?

    If you could pick the ideal game times, what time would you like them to be? 6 and 6:30 on week days seems reasonable to accommodate working parents & coaches – many families wouldn’t be able to be there before those times.

    Weekend times could be earlier. I’m a little surprised there are games held on the weekends.

  5. Too far away to become excited. There’s a lot to do between now and then.

    4:30 would be an ideal time for a game mid-week. While I understand others working et al., these are five-year olds. 7:30 is too late to be out on a school night.

    11:00 on Saturdays.

  6. Agreed about mornings on Saturdays but 4:30 isn’t reasonable for a weekday. How would the players get there? Teachers may be finished work by then but I suspect MOST working people are not off from work early enough to begin a game at 4:30. So transportation and supervision would be minimal.

    Many of the teachers I know feel they deal with children all day and therefore choose not to volunteer to lead children in their off time – very few Scout leaders, Sunday School teachers, or coaches. We spent many a year at the ball fields during this time…it became a way of life…and someday you might have 2 involved in the same sport and I won’t be surprised if the younger ones have these early times and then Miss Beetle will have later games. You can be at the fields all night…been there, done that, bought the hot dog!

  7. The reports are that Beetle batted thrice. Twice she hit the ball pitched and gained a position on the base path. Once she did similarly with the tee. So, yeah for the little slugger!

    Beetle played the team (I believe the mayor’s funeral home) that had her friend Allana from preschool on it. She was pleased to see her.

    I remained home with the boy who was snoring in my arms. We had attended a game of one of my students earlier and then hit a couple parks on the way home. He was exhausted.

  8. Yay for Beetle! Friends & fabulous hits…fantastic!! Did she remember about running the bases this time? It’s so great to see the progress the new players make at this point in the season – it’s dramatic!

    However, I’m astonished that you missed the ball game. I figured you would be on hand for every one. Daddy-O, you surprise me with this.

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