Run for the Roses

Kentucky Derby Dinner: Tri-tip and Mint Julep

I had wanted to run up to NYC for the day, but a commitment prevented that. Anchored at home, it was time to make lemonade from the lemons delivered. Well, it is the annual Run for the Roses. My original intention was to get up to make breakfast and start the chuck roast. Yeah, that didn’t happen. The roast went on a little after 1:00, so that will be tomorrow’s grub. Instead, I enjoyed a wonderful tri-tip, sweet potatoes, and carrots. And of course, no Kentucky Derby would be complete without Mint Juleps. The Maker’s Mark has been at hand all afternoon. Yum!

New Orleans used to be at the top of the To-Visit list. It dropped down after Katrina. Number one now is a bourbon tour of Kentucky replete with a visit to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Churchill Downs.

So, let’s recap: smoking, cocktails, Jerry Garcia, family, and the Kentucky Derby! Yup, a good day!

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