Millville Harley-Davidson Closes

Millville Harley Davidson

Word began spreading Saturday and today it happened: Millville Harley-Davidson closed up for good. It wasn’t for their big move to Vineland to follow tax dollars. Nope, Harley USA pulled the franchise. My understanding is that the Wildwood store may come back.

Millville Harley-Davidson was a well-respected dealership. It had been operational for 35 years. From my sources, it was profitable. Tightening the corporate belt in tough times sees the closure.

It’s unfortunate not only for Millville, but also for the local bikers.

Millville Recession

As Commissioner Derella and Freeholder Magazzu plan their budgets, decrease the tax “revenue” for the next year because of this closure. It’s becoming a ghost town around here.

According to press reports, Sam Macrine decided to close up the stores, not Harley USA. He is quoted as stating that the economy is such he couldn’t make a go of it. Any way it is sliced, this is bad for the area.

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