My First Omelet

Tonight I read Cate’s post about making omelets. I’m a big fan of omelets. My love of them was certainly advanced while working at the Mad Batter. There perfect omelets are the norm. A salamander certainly helped. I regularly use the oven to help puff up my omelets.

Omelets are definitely a treat. Julia Child popularized this breakfast.

I am one who likes stuff in my omelets. A good western omelet is just fine with me. I will toss whatever I have on hand to spruce up the first meal of the day.

Interestingly, my first omelets were much different. Mom used to make them when I was a boy. I don’t recall myself being particularly picky. As with many children, I shunned vegetables, but I ate foods. Perhaps I am not remembering correctly, but those first omelets were filled with . . . are you ready? Really, it is disgusting just thinking about it. Mom used to fill my omelets with grape jelly. ‘Tis true! Nasty, I know.

I recall loving them. Today, I cringe at the thought. Perhaps Mom will chime in and enlighten me as to how this dish came to be. I would rather my children not eat omelets than to eat them filled with jelly. Yuck!

Just thought I would share this memory with you. What foul food do you recall from your youth?

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