The Mundane

Our morning routine is thus: after scrambling to get into the vehicle, we drive to Beetle‘s school. Then we drive to Fritz‘s school.

The parking lot for Beetle’s school is mid-block. Upon exiting, one needs to essentially go around the block to proceed to Fritz’s school. Every day this year, I have turned left out of the lot. I travel down Broad Street via the lights through town. It seems with the lights, I can make the needed turn to get me to where I need to go.

A few weeks ago when I returned to the car after kissing Beetle goodbye, the Jeep wouldn’t start. The starter went. I quickly called Mommy. She was able to arrange to come get us and drive us to school while the tow truck carted off the Jeep for expensive repairs. When Mommy pulled out of the parking lot, she turned right. Going this way bypasses the lights. It does seem quicker, but one must dart across traffic at several intersections thus placing one in danger.

Danger is fun, so I began turning right. Oh, it wasn’t immediate. Fritz would point out that Mommy went that way each time we left Beetle’s school. He would encourage me to turn right too. One day I surprised him by doing so. He said, “Mommy goes this way!” He was ecstatic.

Well, the fun has rubbed off apparently. Fritz no longer wants me to turn right. For the past several days he has pointed out that Daddy should turn left.

I can’t win with the boy.

It doesn’t matter, he (and I) have a lot of fun driving to school each day.

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