Going to the Theatre, Politically Speaking

The Landis Theater re-opened Saturday evening. Closed for the duration of my life here in Cumberland County, $10 million of public funds found the old theater with a wonderful art deco marquee opened for business again. Broadway staple Bernadette Peters graced the stage.

Rightfully so, local media have reported on opening night. The Daily Journal has 162 photographs posted of the event. Scrolling through those photographs I see a lot of politically-connected folks including elected officials.

Just curious: did they pay for their tickets?

Last week, ground was broken on the restoration of the Levoy Theatre here in Millville. That project is full of public money too. I know Mayor Shannon is on record saying he wants to be at opening night with his tuxedo on. I have no issue with that, but I do hope he (and other elected officials) purchases his tickets.

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