Things Everyone Should Try at Least Once

While reading a story to my students today, we began discussing milking cows (it related to what we were reading). None of the students had ever milked one. I pronounced that everyone should have that experience. I recall doing so.

The following is a list of those things everyone should experience at least once in his lifetime.

  • milk a cow
  • ride a rollercoaster
  • fly in an airplane
  • gather eggs from the hens
  • swim in an ocean

What experiences should be added to this list, dear reader?

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5 thoughts on “Things Everyone Should Try at Least Once”

  1. I’ve participated in four out of your five activities. I’ve flown in a single engine plane over the prairies of Illinois and over the urban area of Orange County in Southern California. I’ve ridden rollercoasters many time, gathered eggs once and swum in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. I’ve never milked a cow.

    How about shoot a gun? Although I do not have firearms in my house, I feel shooting a gun gives everyone the respect of what a firearm can do.

  2. The first time I did real target practice, was when I was about 9. We walked into the hills just east of the Salton Sea, taking lots of empty beer cans and a couple of .22 rifles. I wasn’t very good back then, and never felt the urge to continue along that line.

  3. I came up with another one today. As it is Flag Day, I discussed the flag with my students. We began talking about military funerals. I shared my great-grandfather’s funeral. Watching the marines fold the American flag and present it to my mother is one of those images that is etched in my memory.

    Attending a military funeral, particularly one at Arlington, is something every American should experience. It is an event unlike others.

    Another event is watching the changing of the guard at the tombs of the unknown soldiers. That is another remarkable event that is unique.

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