Happy Flag Day

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3 thoughts on “Happy Flag Day”

  1. We visited with my in-laws yesterday. My father-in-law wondered whether I wanted a 48 star flag. I said sure, figuring it would be some kind of novelty item he’d picked up in the store in the recent past.

    Nope. This is a sewn fabric 48 star flag, that’s at least 8 feet in length. Now to figure out how to fly that thing properly.

  2. On a side note. If you haven’t listened to the June 6th show of podcacher http://www.podcacher.com you might find the first feature interesting. Sonny talks about a head covering he made for his video microphone that filters out most of the wind noise one usually hears when taking outdoor video.

  3. Here is the flag code.

    I haven’t listened to the podcache since January. There are a lot of neat tricks for noise. I recorded that at the beach on our class field trip a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t planned on doing so and I loathe carrying stuff.

    I’ll give it a listen though. Sonny sometimes has some neat tips.

    BTW, congratulations on summer vacation. I still have nine days.

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