Dear Prospective Son-in-Law,

How’s the reading going? As we discussed, I will gladly grant you my permission to marry Beetle as soon as you read this entire blog. This is my gift to you, son. Throughout history men have sought the manual that explains how women tick. This is it for my daughter. Admittedly, sometimes it reads as though it was written by an Indian who translated it in Japanese before reverting back to English. It is the hell we men go through.

In today’s episode of WFT Is Up With Beetle?, my firstborn melts down because she doesn’t want to wear black for a photograph. Her grandmother wanted to make her a clock with her image on it. That necessitated a photograph. We have been ill. It is the end of the school year and we are running ragged. But really, a photograph shouldn’t be difficult to snap. I do carry two cameras in my pockets at most times.

Here you go, son. Do you really want to take on this kind of insanity? If yes, you obviously love Beetle. God bless you. If you are sane, you’ll turn and cut bait. Trust me, you will not be the first. I suspect you will not be the last.

10-06-21 Breakdown

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