The Partying Continues

10-06-29 The Partying Continues

June is party month in our home. We have the end-of-school parties, Father’s Day, a couple birthdays, and our anniversary. Today is Beetle‘s actual birthday and our anniversary. Gert and I exchanged cards and a kiss before we turned to our little girl. It’s so much fun watching her excitement. The six-year old has grown up. Missing a tooth or two, when she smiles she shows enthusiasm for life. It helps us put behind her moods that sometimes creep in.

Anyhow, today was her day. We began with her gifts from Mommy, Daddy, and Fritz. She was pleased. She has been asking for a DSi for some time now and we came through. A DSi is a handheld gaming system. It’s pretty neat. It plays cartridges (pads). It also has a camera on it. We think we can hook her up to the ‘Net with this thing too, but we haven’t pried it from her hands long enough to check that out.

Fritz needed a shot in order to attend his summer enrichment program that begins Friday. Mommy took him to that. He said the needle “tickles”. Strange boy.

Once home we assembled ourselves and headed to Ocean City. A night of rides, ice cream, and caramel popcorn sounded good to us.

We headed to Wonderland, which is a fun area full of rides. This was the first time Fritz went to the boardwalk sans his stroller. He enjoyed the experience. He ran all the way to the rides, sometimes stopping to tell us he wanted to do this or that. There are some rides on the way. He wasn’t much on skipping them in favor of something promised to be better, but unknown. Eventually we arrived.

Not only was Fritz out of a stroller, he is tall enough to ride many of the rides. Some he needs an adult to ride with. In steps the ride-loving parent Mommy. Mommy learned something about herself tonight: age takes its toll on spinning around. She is beginning to understand my preference to hold the camera. 🙂

Nevertheless, the younger and prettier parent rode lots of rides with Fritz. He has absolutely no fear of anything. Going high is good. Spinning around is good. Fast is good. He freaked out when Mommy and Beetle rode a ride together he wasn’t big enough to go on.

We had a blast tonight! Fritz pooped out on the way back to the Jeep. I went ahead and fetched the vehicle and drove back to the family. We will sleep well tonight.

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