Patriotic Fun

10-07-04 Patriotic Fun

The second of the three “Barbecue Days” (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day) was celebrated with the traditional smoked ribs. Five hours in a smoker does spare ribs well (over hickory and apple). I diced the trimmings and added them to my beans. They smoked beneath the ribs catching the drippings throughout. Awesome!

In addition, I had marinated some Roadside Chicken last evening. Usually we have this with thighs, but I opted for legs this go-around. Also tossed on some brats. Yummm . . . brats!

The meal was rounded out with sweet potatoes, asparagus, peppers, and onions. Good stuff! We also had some sweet corn from Ingraldi’s.  It was fabulous.  The corn is wonderful this year.  Gert made the flag cake above. Tasty.

We had the water slide up on this hot day. Gert’s brother came over and we played Wii when the heat took its toll.

This is what summer vacation is all about. Life is good.

Hey Michelle, would love to be able to comment directly on your blog. Have been looking to do so for years, but I never see registration open. Anyhow, your Filipino-style BBQ chicken and pork looks good. If you want a great recipe to use sriracha on, try this.

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