An Exciting Day

10-08-12 An Exciting Day

It is true that Fritz is almost three-and-a-half-years old. It is also true that Fritz is still in a crib. Kind of. He has been insistent on not getting out of the crib. We tried taking the side off several months ago. He wouldn’t sleep, so back on it went.

Back in June we purchased a bed for Fritz. We did this when we purchased our new dining room set. The dining room stuff came within a week. We have waited for the bed ever since. Apparently, the set we ordered is being discontinued, which is causing some havoc. On our way back from Florida, we decided to cancel the order and purchase another bed we had seen that we liked. Sure enough, there was a message on the answering machine we arrived home that the bed was finally in. It was delivered this morning. Fritz is absolutely thrilled! He now has a big boy bed.

After the movers left, we piled into the Jeep and headed for Tuckerton to visit with Nana. Aunt Loretta was there and we had a lovely afternoon.

It’s interesting to note that we can judge how Fritz has matured with our visits to Nana. He used to struggle with these trips. There aren’t many things for a little boy there and he would become troublesome, even when we brought things with us. This visit was the best yet. He was a pleasure and we didn’t have to rush out.

Nana and Aunt Loretta are always good with the children. Once again there were the tiny dinosaurs that expanded to produce washcloths. The children love doing this.

Nana is doing well. I always find it a step back in time visiting her. Her home was purchased in the early 1960s. The kitchen cabinets are identical to the ones we had in Cape May. Her furniture is reminiscent of the Ethan Allen furniture we had. Some of the bowls, plates, etc. are identical to what I grew up with. It is such a pleasant experience.

We always enjoy our visits.

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