What Time Is It?

I do not recall when I began wearing a wristwatch, but I believe I have done so regularly since college. (I know I had a Mickey Mouse watch when I was a boy.) My mother visited my sister in the Philippines and returned with a gold Seiko. I wore that for a number of years. A girlfriend purchased me another Seiko that I wore for a long time . . . until my wife replaced it with two watches. She purchased me a Citizen Eco-Diver watch and a dress Seiko that winds itself.

The Citizen has something wrong with it that does not keep time correctly. I had OK Watch tell me the Citizen is not fixable, although I found that odd at the time but have not sought a second opinion. And recently the “newer” Seiko began losing time. The nub will not turn, so now it is several days off on the calendar. It also has a cracked crystal.

I took the watch off a couple weeks ago. I have felt naked ever since. But that feeling is beginning to subside. Last evening it dawned on me that I am not going to invest in fixing these watches. I carry a cell phone. I am frequently in a vehicle. I am in a classroom. I am at a computer. I do not lack a device to inform me of the time. Why do I need something strapped to me wrist to provide that function?

It seems to me as I continue to declutter and re-think my processes, that a wristwatch is the perfect example of an anachronistic product.

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