A Week Without Twitter

It’s been eight days since I posted to Twitter. I haven’t missed it a bit. Obviously, I can do without.

If I can live without these social networks so easily, it leads me to believe that we will find out at some point that social networks disappear. Yes, it seems unlikely, but really other than some guys pumping out updates via their feeds, it seems like a whole bunch of hot air. I am working on reducing the amount of hot air in my life.

Twitter and Facebook are now out of my life . . .

Also blogged on this date . . .

2 thoughts on “A Week Without Twitter”

  1. Three years later, not much has changed.

    I re-joined Twitter and Facebook. I dropped Facebook a month ago; almost no one noticed. Seriously.

    I am still on Twitter. My account has made a dozen posts, I think. I follow some news sites. With Google Reader now defunct, it helps me to keep abreast on what is going on. I check in once in a while. That’s it.

  2. I think that was a short-lived return to Twitter. I haen’t used it in years. Facebook is still the bane of existance. I currently have an account. I do not post. There are a couple groups I like to read that are hosted there. Other than that, social media is pretty much nonexistent in my life.

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