All HD Is Not Created Equal

A couple years ago Gert went out on Black Friday in the middle of the night to snag a 32″ HD television that was on sale. It is an Emerson. We have used it since, but have not had HD pumped into our house.

The other day we purchased two new HD televisions. Comcast just left after setting our house up for high definition. Wow!

I currently have the Dolphins game on. The Sony HD set I have is 1080p with 240Hz. It’s an LED and the picture is sharp! I have never seen such an exceptional image on a television.

The other Sony HD set we purchased is also 1080p with 120Hz. It’s an LCD. It’s not as sharp as the LED. Gert commented that it is darker. It is still a nice image.

We moved the 32″ Emerson up to our bedroom. The image here is noticeably different. This is a 720p set. I am not certain, but I bet it’s only 60Hz. Yes, it’s a better image than the old tube television I watched for the past four years that had the lines on a third of the screen, but it is not up to the other sets.

Purchasing televisions was an extremely difficult process for me. Having done it and seeing these things in our home setting the following is what I would advise for someone who was in the same boat as me: an LED 240Hz set is worth the extra cash. Should I return the other set an upgrade? I may, but I probably will not.

I am a happy camper right now. To think, we went HD, boosted our Internet throughput, added a lot of phone services we didn’t have before, have some premium channels we never would have paid for, and are saving about $50 monthly.

This is my Christmas gift. I am extremely happy. Merry Christmas!

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