Christmas Party!

10-12-24 Christmas Party!

Today we had our annual Christmas Eve party. We changed things a little this year; we began at 3:00. This permitted everyone to come. Frank, Jill, Katie, and Timmy arrived from North Jersey. By starting early, they were able to head back at a reasonable time. We were happy that Kim, Mike, and Ovie were able to make it. This is the first time in several years everyone was able to be together. It made for a wonderful time.

With the number of children now, the house fills up and the presents flow. Wow, there was a lot of gift exchanging!

It would not be Christmas Eve if we did not have far too much food. Gert once again put on a rockin’ party! Everyone had a great time. Christmas is definitely family time and we had lots of it today.

Tonight was supposed to be Beetle‘s first midnight mass. While she made it to the car, she was just way too tired to make a go of it. She whined constantly. Instead of everyone having a miserable time, she remained at home with Fritz and Aunt Kitty. Instead, Mommy and Daddy went to mass. It was beautiful! The choir was splendid. The addition of trumpets and trombones made for a rich experience. Silent Night was spectacular. Father Paul celebrated mass. It was a wonderful way to usher in Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Party!”

  1. I think the afternoon party is an AWESOME plan…everyone is still wide awake and with the earlier deadline, the frantic, stressful scramble to be ‘ready’ is over sooner and the hosts can relax a bit and enjoy the festivities.

    As I get a little older, I also like finishing things a tad earlier so the cleanup can happen before I conk out. It’s depressing to have to wake to all that work the next day.

    It sure looks like everyone had a great time…and your house looks so festive!!

  2. We too had a Christmas Eve party – with family.

    We donned Ugly Christmas sweaters – had a Dirty Santa gift exchange – guessed how many candies were in the tree jar – played a touch-and-feel game in a stocking with Christmas items – sipped chocolate wine – gobbled chocolate/peanut butter trifle – and chose the ‘winner’ of the Ugly Sweater attire.

    Parker’s girlfriend’s family came over for awhile – and we had them play the touch-and-feel game too.

    Christmas Eve was PHUN too!!

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