Christmas Morning

10-12-25 Christmas Morning

. . . otherwise known as Fritz‘s most anticipated day.

Fritz was first up. He discovered a present under the tree in his bedroom. He was really excited! He came into Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom to wake us up. We weren’t quite ready to move, so he got into bed with us. He was so excited. When I said I thought he had been on Santa’s naughty list, he turned to me and said, “I’m on the nice list, Daddy.” Indeed he was!

In the time we got out out of bed, got Beetle going, and assembled to come downstairs, he had opened his bedroom present. Fritz isn’t much on waiting. Last evening he opened the mint sets Aunt Patty had sent. He even opened Beetle’s. Apparently, he even opened Aunt Kitty’s present from us. Bad boy! But oh so cute.

The children descended and opened their stockings first. Such exuberance! This is the first Christmas that Fritz has truly been into. It’s been such a pleasure to talk to him about what is going on. And he is so polite (outside of opening presents).

This year just about every present under the tree was for the children. Mommy and Daddy only exchanged stocking gifts as we recently purchased the televisions.

Fritz loved the Bat Cave. He plays with Sean and James’ every time we visit. He has been so eager to have one of his own. Beetle received a netbook and a musical keyboard. It looks like the netbook will be returned as it is slooooooooooooooooooowwww and can’t load the pages of the web sites she likes to visit. I’m not certain what we’re going to do in this regard. I recall Aunt Patty received an organ one Christmas. Beetle’s isn’t nearly as massive in size. Technology certainly has changed.

Mommy cooked a wonderful breakfast of French Toast. Now we are all relaxing prior to dinner at Grammy and Poppy’s. The children are having great fun playing!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Morning”

  1. The coordinating jammies are so cute! I LOVE the pic of Gert, Beetle, and Kitty wearing matching ones…I could never pull that off in my house but it’s fun to see.

    Christmas through the eyes of little ones is special; however, grown-up Christmases are pretty neat too. Ours was great and not so rushed like many in our past have been…mimosas are an enjoyable addition to the Christmas morning agenda.

    How did Gert manage to look so beautiful Christmas morning? I love the new way she’s wearing her hair. I always look like I rolled out of bed after very little sleep…which is pretty accurate. You all had a party, attended church, AND your wife had her hair looking gorgeous.

  2. Christmas morning began at church for us. I had scoped out the one protestant church which held Christmas day services in Enid and we attended there – I really liked returning to a Lutheran service…felt so familiar. Christmas day services aren’t something we’ve always been able to do – and some have been better than others – but I like the idea of attending a service ON Christmas. Our favorite was in Kansas at a barn in a very charming, meaningful service with live farm animals and communion in a ‘stable.’ This one was okay but not as poignant as I had hoped. I like the late night services too – very beautiful.

    We returned home after church to Phestive Phillips Phun!

    I had a scavenger hunt game lined up where the family had clues that took them all over the house finding rhyming words for the clues that all began with te letter P. It was a fun little activity. Everyone wound up with a present. I got the plans from a high school classmate I reconnected with through Facebook.

    Then we settled into the living room to open stockings & gifts with our expanded family – including sipping on the mimosas. It was so civilized and fun and not full of frivolous things that wouldn’t be used. We streamlined the presents- but I’m not ready to switch to a draw-a-name exchange. I still want to give each family member a gift. I can see the change in the future as the family expands but I can’t fathom giving up choosing gifts for my children.

    After the gifts, we ate – I had a veggie breakfast casserole baking while we opened the presents. Everything was going so smoothly and then at 2 p.m. when we finished, it dawned on me that I had to prepare the turkey & trimmings. It was a furious assembly but eventually all was ready for our LATE dinner…I far prefer the early eating time that we had at Thanksgiving. It just wasn’t to be for this holiday…too much activity and not enough refrigerator space leading up to this meal for me to have had all the prep work done.

    After all the Christmas Day activity, I can actually relax and ENJOY the company…my favorite part. We had one day for that and then most of us loaded up the van and left Oklahoma on the 27th.

    Jeannette began her journey to PA. She was deterred in Detroit and ended up renting a car driving since she wasn’t going to be able to get a flight until Thursday (the 30th).

    We left home at 3 am to deliver Grammy at the airport and began our sight-seeing at the OKC Memorial at 5 am…it was BEAUTIFUL with all the fresh wreaths on each of the chairs. Then we headed west…the holiday extravaganza continues.

    I like seeing how you celebrate at Christmas as well as share how we do things [which has changed in the past few years – change is good].

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