Letter to Cash108


Congratulations on your purchase of TC.com. It sounds like you are enthusiastic to spruce things up around here. I am writing to you for some help.

I have an account, Batona, that I have not logged into for a couple years. I gave up on the site after AK abandoned it. I am interested in checking things out again, but I have some issues that need to be sorted out.

The simplest way to handle my issues is to register a new account. I tried to do that, but the system will not permit me to use my e-mail account since it is associated with the Batona account. I could use a different address but would prefer not to.

Even so, that wouldn’t really solve all the problems. I have about 500 logs in the system. Most have multiple photographs. Back in 2008, I had a major issue with my site’s host. Long story short, I lost control of my domain. I picked up my files and moved my site and registered a new domain name. At that time, I asked AK if he would do a search and replace to change the domain name, as the structure remained the same. He didn’t. So, each and every cache I logged now has multiple broken links. To complicate things further, I have changed the structure of my site so a simple search and replace will no longer solve the problem.

Ultimtely, I don’t really care about the points and all, but I don’t want to be in a situation where anyone thinks I am trying to game the system.

What I think would be the best solution, although I am open to your thoughts, is to:

  1. completely delete the Batona account (including all the logs on the cache pages)
  2. I can then register my new account (RDOwens)
  3. I’ll re-log what is still active with RDOwens (points would change this way)
  4. TPS and LTPS on archived caches probably won’t change due to the lost of a log

I do not have an interest in reviving the Batona account. The experience with that handle here is replete with the problems with the former administration. I’d rather just start anew and log what’s available. I like finding caches; I am not so interested in the points game here, but respect that others are.

I welcome hearing from you.

All the best,

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