Rocky Is Discontinued

As I set up this new laptop, I am making certain things are installed correctly. I just set up software for my GPSr. Three years ago I purchased a Garmin Colorado 400t right when it came out. There were a few reasons for the purchase:

  • I wanted a new GPSr
  • I liked the idea of a color screen
  • My Magellan Meridian Gold, which was six years old, was now discontinued
  • The Merigold was going to lose the ability to update WAAS in the future
  • Groundspeak launched a new game designed for the Garmin Colorado
  • Wherigo was a game that I had been looking forward to

Just three years later, Groundspeak has all but abandoned Wherigo. Officially it states it wants to re-visit the project, but its builder is three years old, barely an alpha release, and buggy. Smartphones have rendered PDAs useless in the intervening three years. Groundspeak’s partnership with Garmin has disintegrated. Garmin launched its own geocaching site and dropped Wherigo support.

And what I learned today, Garmin has discontinued the Colorado.

That is disappointing. Given that I just purchased a laptop for the price I paid for the GPSr, it is unlikely I am going to replace this any time soon. It works, but I imagine it may become clunky in the future. If Garmin isn’t careful, it may lose its handheld line if smartphones improve their GPS capabilities.

Rocky will continue to be in my backpack; I am just not happy that it is now obsolete.

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