FTF008 Bald Eagle

11-05-03 GC10R0K

39.4853 -74.9491

I want an air conditioner
Cottage on the river
And all the money I can see

Bob Seger, U.M.C.

So focused on the material. Breathe deep. It’s the journey.

I wanna drive a Lincoln
Spend my evenings drinking
The very best burgandy

August West is no hero. Neil Young’s Lincoln is not for the common folk. Daydream large, but the bill collector is your drug of reality. Bobos make your feet feel fine.

An office in the city
Secretary pretty
Who’ll take dictation on my knee

Really? The dream contains adultery? Who are you, the Coward? There’s Oliver Wendell Douglas over there. Go talk to him, son.

I wanna be a lawyer
Doctor or professor
A member of the UMC

The grass ain’t always greener. Find yourself. Be you, not some conglomerate. You’ll need to defend your actions. Julias don’t always show up, and the right side is taken. Peter is known to be difficult.

Are you ready?

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