Cedar Hill

11-05-07 GC2RXVK

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Whoa! Come to your house, Y’know he don’t stay long,
Y’look in bed this morning,
Children you find that your brothers and sisters are gone.
I said death don’t have no mercy in this land.

Rev. Gary Davis, Death Don’t Have No Mercy

Carmen, taken too young. A hero run down for 30 years. Death is no stranger, but he is no friend.

I used to be creeped out here, but I recognize it’s part of life. My wrinkly hands and the island on my head tell me that Mr. D is nearer than he used to be. Sure, logic says that too, but the outward signs are a stark reminder.

I’ll never hear Jerry sing this again. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Death will leave you standing and crying in this land

Rev. Gary Davis, Death Don’t Have No Mercy

Rabbi Kushner has the best explanation I’ve heard. 9781400034727.

Hatchets and other things were found while musing the townfolk.


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