Haunted Graveyard

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Son, don’t wait till the break of day
’cause you know how time fades away.

Neil Young, Time Fades Away

Louisa is a genius. She had it figured out two hundred years ago. She wasn’t placed on a pedestal. She wasn’t written about in the history books. As a matter of fact, the historical society doesn’t even have her listed in the cemetery. Such was Louisa’s life; always overlooked.

Loyal and determined, she knew her place. She raised her children well. She kept a pleasant home. She took care of Samuel so well. He had nary a care on the homefront.

She saw the future. The couple comments she made early on were dismissed as whimsy. Rather to be thought a loon, she remained quiet. She did not seek acknowledgement. She just kept refining, improving. In the end, efficiency was achieved. Of course, that was not the goal. She was prepared is all.

Few know that there is a direct path. Julia never saw Louisa in the waiting room. Albert be damned!

Even her headstone, plain and simple, was forgotten until a child spoke in a voice of grace. “Oh, yeah . . . ” was all. Now it just stands due to the strength of the lawn about her, blank for the weather erased her presence a century ago.

Thirteen junkies too weak to work
One sells diamonds for what they’re worth
Down on pain street disappointment lurks.

Neil Young, Time Fades Away

Move over Billy and Kate. If they had only known the Dame Louisa.

Brown sugar takes it toll.


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