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11-05-17 GC2HFD0

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Never thought about tomorrow
Seemed like a long time to come

Seth Justman and Peter Wolf, Musta Got Lost

But here it is, friend. The end is at hand. I don’t think I am prepared. I don’t want to go. Turning my back on all that I said. I’m scared.

Still wonder if Dad made it. Deeds or faith? Y’know you could have had more of both. Instead we ponder Justin Bieber. How do you defend that?

I let ya slip on from me baby
I let ya walk on by

Seth Justman and Peter Wolf, Musta Got Lost

But now I act like a four-year old on Christmas morning. No one saw, thankfully. Aw, it wasn’t so bad. Hi ho Silver, away! I think I heard there’s going to be a re-make. I support re-makes.

I recall the first time one was offered. Even at a low point, I knew. I should have realized then that Fords were no good. He placed us all in peril with his decisions. There is now a messed-up adult due to his K-mart connection. Lust. I cannot be proud of my time. Crazy talk. I thought I was moving to London. Kate and Billy as friends? Hardly. But as Bernard proves weekly, there is something about a Brit’s accent.

@garyvee hawks his wares. Did someone say Mr. Loman?

What could have been . . . I really don’t consider. Some lose, some win. Consequences. For me, I’ll hang with Mr. Sheen. Will Superman and George show up? Cue the music, Mr. Serling.

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