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Chef’s tastings. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Never liked Lovitz, but it was a good bit. Sophisticated lady!

Geraldo. Schwarzenegger. Strauss-Kahn. Lockout. Casey Anthony.

A pink notebook replete with dreams . . . not sold, but apparently borrowed. Thank you, Mr. Simon. Unhappy then, apparently. Has much changed? Speed poetry, long b4 the slams. The long ugly one still haunts me. I documented then too. Data from the trip. Sing it, Babs!

My mouth. Lips. A knee. Beckett. Absurdist. He has no freaking neck! In pajamas. Oh, we were kewl.

A knight in armour. She probably thinks so. A good man. Puts up with so much. Tolerant. **snap** The grass ain’t sweeter, Mojo Hand. Oh, what I would do to hear this live again. Sweet sounds are needed now.

Rut. Gut.

It sorta starts off real slow and then fizzles out altogether.

Neil Young, Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Pick me up. Amphetamines. Black Beauties. Didn’t do a thing. Seeking something else. Ramble on.

Miss Cleo couldn’t help. Fortitude. Jack lost his cash to Jill. You bought what? At least he smiled. Touché! Oh, how I wish the renowned Mr. Brown were here. Hours to go.

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