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Do you remember Bryn Mawr Stereo? It happened there circa 1984. Rubes!

It’s the reason I purchased Polk Audio speakers. It’s the image I recall when I hear the term “audiophile”. Yellow. My mind expanded that day. Rubes, you dirty dog.

Looking for speakers, I found a genre. I was just along for the ride. Whitehall, I believe. I can picture it. Private listening room. Big honcho. Ha! Rubes!

Forget the speakers, the music was spectacular. I interrupted, “Who is this that we are listening to?” “Oh.” He handed me the album cover. Yeah, they were big. Double albums were used before Frisbees. They just never had the experience. It’s the old red m&m paradox. I wrote an entire blue book on that once. Probably a year or two later. Hmmm . . . maybe that was influenced by the Bryn Mawr episode. If only I could have a peek. Would Téa Leoni be my wife?

Laundromat in Boston had the blue album on the Walkman. Walkmans: the poor man’s iPod. Ha! So 80s. Heavy, but it went everywhere with me. Now they all sit in boxes in the basement as I stream across the network. Last summer’s five-day project. Completed, at least.

Tweeter took over. Now Twitter. Marching on.

Sold the stereo for pennies. Still have the yellow and the blue. It has expanded much more since then. Collect them all! This was the original for the genre. Perhaps it doesn’t hold up as well 30 years on, but it is fun to come back to for a listen every now and then.

Rubes! $2 for oil please. We’re going to the World Series.

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