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11-05-17 GC2VDYD

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Why do they act that way?
Why ask why?
Why do baseball teams wear batting jerseys in some games?
Why do unions talk tough but cave at the negotiating table?
Why does Al Gore not get called out on his hypocrisy?
Why does a man erect a billboard on his property proclaiming the end of the world?
Why are there no consequences for not paying that debt?
Why didn’t Boston Rob get voted off?
Why does Millville keep electing folks to squander tax dollars?
Why did I stay up all night cooking for someone else?
Why did Coward run away?
Why did I vocalize my frustration?
Why was the plug pulled?
Why are we here?
Why did we trade Ryne Sandberg?
Why does she prattle on?
Why didn’t I blow off work and go see Led Zep?
Why didn’t I ask her out?
Why is Kirk Cameron in the news?
Why are we surprised about Arnold?
Why do we know how to make bread?
Why do we tear down our heroes?
Why isn’t there an adherence to standards?
Why do mobs stand at trees?
Why don’t women understand men and men don’t understand women?
Why do some men believe in 72 virgins?
Why did Garmin abandon the Colorado?
Why did I not go camping?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Why do we forgive?
Why didn’t p2p develop for caching?
Why doesn’t he eat?
Why didn’t Levin and Carney get along?
Why do women use the men’s bathroom?
Why is pitching dominating?
Why do we care?
Why did I hide the green beans?
Why did I leave the water running?
Why didn’t it occur to me we were being robbed?
The owl.

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