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11-05-17 GC2VJHP

39.4813 -75.35

A mouthful of those small red candy hearts. Sitting on the pole lamenting her boyfriend. It all made sense. Even more so than Gwyneth Paltrow rapping. It was fun, but she left.

The cowboy still scares me. And then there is zing. Like a whippit, but long before I ever knew what they were. A velvet train. Elvis would have liked it. I missed my chance at Uniondale while watching Rosie. It didn’t look the same when Attics was played.

Stevie wanted to know, but I cannot reveal. I’m far too insecure. Burned one too many times. It’s why guys become reticent. Waddy slung around. Joe’s set should have been longer. A space walk isn’t news anymore. Distraction.

Who would pay? Recycled, reused, a common man’s. Only to support yet another story, filtered through the multiple layers to ensure that confusion ensues. Transparency?

Holding at 184°.

Get off the topic, but I can’t. You deserve to know. News from the chair. Ha! That needs to change. Why it doesn’t certainly indicates there’s something there. Malcolm Crowe, perhaps. Orange. Link Fast Times to Lee Strasberg. Of course, there’s my link too.

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