All Mixed Up

11-05-18 GC1BD2Q

39.525883 -75.078683

Burn out. Others would laugh. It’s purely based on the fact that there is a known end. Without that, the cycle would continue and this would not be what it is. All because of the agrarian society a century ago. Bill told me to check out the calendar. Lazy. I just heard of another who plays games at work. Give me a break.

Yeah, judgmental.

It’s like a marriage, I suppose. I’m done. Two-faced. Connected. Wrong. Just plain wrong. Cannot speak, apparently. But the stank ain’t there, right? Bah! Queen Jane. I’m employing hibernation; it’s the man’s defense. Tired. Don’t even want to tee off; just want to go away. Roxie, my love!

Take it easy . . . it is more comfortable overall. It’s just that there are 22 left. Then a holiday. Refresh. I’ll burn out, then fade away. TO, baby. TO. No rust here. Pump it up. Boo ain’t got nothin’ on me. 😛 Conjuring Tim Allen!

Move over Arnie, there’s a new sheriff in town. Burning down the house . . .

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