There But for the Grace of God

11-05-19 GC2G3XD

39.4264 -75.03525

There was an episode of The Adventures Ozzie and Harriet. Father Knows Best too. Even My Three Sons. I don’t recall a Brady Bunch episode though. Forgiveness, I suppose.

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Cumberland County has high unemployment. In a time when businesses are folding, at least one wants to expand. Revitalize a dead area. Serving the consumer. Prices.

Like Shop Rite, but has changed with no competition. Never has white chocolate chips. No light hamburger buns. Wifey can’t find WW cheese singles anymore. Where are the three-litre diet cola? Good riddance Acme and Pathmark, but serve the customer.

No abatements either. Paying for it outright, yet opposition. Senseless. Bring it on! When it expands, I imagine the bivalves will flow.

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