A Peaceful Easy Feeling

11-05-21 GCKKQW

39.3496 -74.991583

I get this feeling I may know you
as a lover cacher and a friend

Jack Tempchin, Peaceful Easy Feeling

Cannot sort the memories. Done the loop many times. Censored, methinks. Been some time. Keep seeing you there, yet no notes support. Why do I see what is not there? Flashbacks. Maybe, no mirrors.


Little bit of knowledge is dangerous: pure bushwhack. Then there’s the sign. No archives. Hmmm . . . fiyo in the bayou. Dude!

What once stumped, now highlights.

’cause I got a peaceful, easy feeling

Jack Tempchin, Peaceful Easy Feeling

Some trigger reruns. Like The Rockford Files, watch again and again. Swag irrelevant.

McPhee with a Band-Aid? It’s all . . . relatary? Inside.

Punxsutawney Bill phils me head. Apparently lighter in load, but ignorant of that fact. $40 down the drain. Fresh battery too. Dang! Cockney, this ain’t. Then again, haiku doesn’t need 17, so I was told today.

a big-legged woman ain’t got no soul

Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, Black Dog

Prosser. Once. Sigh . . . Do what you gotta do. Stoli done make a rational man a louse, among others.

No regrets . . . just erase a memory. Boink!

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