11-05-21 GCKKRC

39.339367 -74.969167

  • glass hammer
  • furry coffee cup
  • preppy redneck
  • jelly omelette
  • trusted politician
  • SH0135 should have been.

Vivid memories of what I am rather certain never happened. Hunter? Are you here? Insanity without him. It’s akin to blowing chunks at Star of the Sea. Reason left on da cart. Ha!

Fuzzy bunny slippers . . . not that I had any. Tie-dyes and torn jeans. Comfy.

No rain, but would not matter. Always liked, never purchased. Still available; just not used much around here. More memories without mirrors. It can happen! CMCH!

I should have followed Frost. Well, I did, I suppose, but in the wrong part of town. Must’ve been Camden. Dealt with Harleigh today. Almost famous, again. ABB boxed set. Derek @ the Tin Angel. Who’s got my miracle?

Chiggers and poison ivy do not mix. Experience speaks.

Change for the sake of change is misguided. In the end though, hardly matters. I missed my button.

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