Little Wayfarer Pitstop

11-05-21 GCKKRV

39.332317 -74.969883

Beach in Maine. Lamb’s wool. Yellow-checkered Bermudas. Seals frolicking in the surf. Who took it? Michael? Bev?

It’s like reading a fictional novel written in your own name. It’s been etched as a story; narrative elements known, conclusion the same each time. No life, merely images.

Blue and white striped rugby. Smiles. Love. East Fest. Rat! Singing American Pie to an audience that could appreciate my talents. Smile returned just now. Irie.

I’m the ten o’clock scholar in this tale; the tragic anti-hero. Of course. Never Newman. Stepping stone. Joss Stone is singing with Mick Jagger. Piece of My Heart absolutely rocked. New.

Deep down in your heart I guess you know that it ain’t right

Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns, Piece of My Heart

Sure, but it is the one time I was proud of me. Once.

Buried deep.

Yet there you are. Why now? Twenty gone. But oh, o’la soca. Hey Pocky Way for us me. Cheers, Alphonsus! May the Lord bless your soul. Tuppence, go away.

I should load the frames.

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