11-05-21 GCKKRG

39.330533 -74.981733

Lord, I been workin’ every night . . . oh travelin’ every day
Lord, I been workin’ every night . . . whoa traveling every day

Dickey Betts, Southbound

Feeding that Jones, Lord, I rise out of bed.

Addiction is soothed when the bottle is turned, the needle is plunged, the trail is nigh. Abandoned presented obstacles. Ursa Minor, not that I could identify it. The horse is lame. Time to grind the hamburger.

Always uplifting. Never have I gone from the kitchen to the study. That has made all the difference. Lucy’s mount, once . . . I think. It’s blurring. Troubles then, not now. Bright!

Oh, you better tell your other man … sweet daddy’s on his way

Dickey Betts, Southbound

Naw, you ain’t got to say anything. Daddy’s all right; Momma’s got to do what she’s got to do. Do as you please. Nothing but smiles. He’s gone, my friend. He’s gone.

Shoot, I’m unrecognized, even when I’m there. No ghost, just irrelevant . . . as it should be. Please to meet you!

But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, Sympathy for the Devil

It’s in there somewhere, but don’t confuse me for John Milton; I’m more like the Gardners. Can’t find a hat that I like though.


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