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My Dearest Gert,

Your beauty has taken hold of me, my love. I cannot keep from thinking of you, which is causing problems at work as I am so distracted. Stunning! Your entrance last evening not only caught my attention, but of everyone in the ballroom. The celebrities had nothing on you. Gert, you were the belle of the ball.

Yet, your beauty is far more than the visions all men daydream of. You find the good where I do not go. Christian charity guides your grace. The world is better because of you, as am I. You have shown me what it is to be a man. I would not be here if not for you. When I dreamed of our life together, I could not conceive where we are; it was off the radar for I did not see this side of life. Thank you for bringing me along for the ride.

At home, where the spotlights do not light you to the public, you nevertheless shine. Our children have a role model like no other. They have learned compassion, tolerance, and love from the pinnacle of those virtues. I quiver in awe at your motherhood. The children are already pillars of excellence due to your exertions.

Thank you, most gorgeous woman. Take my hand; with you near, I can do anything. And there’s nothing worth doing if you are not by my side.

With all my passion,

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