The Stinton Family Lighthouse Cache

11-05-27 GCXVT9

38.932933 -74.957967

En plein air, lighthouse
One hundred eight eagerly
Drop jaws on path. Wow!

Inefficiencies run amok. I am surrounded by them. That I witnessed a repeated travesty highlights that I need to step up. I took the first step. “No more.” That is certain.

All know I loathe the process, but as Sharma extols, leadership needs no title. Get out of government mindset, despite being defecated upon. More travel than experience. There is something fundamentally wrong with that without considering the ancillary issues.

I need the break as I am close to calling it all off. The situation should never be permitted to occur; and now I am trapped.

Seems like I’ll be
wearing the same
old chains

Jimmy Cliff, Trapped

Just realizing I’m about halfway through. Is that bitterness? It’s been five already. Very fast. Faster than the last. I feel like David’s mom. Passed that house. And the coward’s.

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