What Is Up with Your Geocache Logs?

Many folks contact me about my published geocaching logs. It seems they want to know if there is meaning behind the logs. Absolutely, there is. They want to know what is up with the cryptic style. I am not certain if cryptic is the correct adjective; I understand the logs. Others ask if the logs are streams of consciousness. Some definitely are.

Some of the logs provide coordinates to other hidden geocaches. Some share hints to my hidden caches. Some share stories.

There really is no rhyme or reason to the style. I could go off and explain that for a decade folks have criticized my logs for being too blunt, and that this “new” style avoids that. But then someone went and deleted some of my logs . . . yes, the ones that did not speak about the cache at all.

I could explain that so many logs these days really say nothing about the caching experience so I just took that notion to an extreme.

But the reality is that I log the way I want to. There isn’t a set of criteria I use for this. I get into my inner-weird and let the freak flag fly. Who knows where it will lead?

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2 thoughts on “What Is Up with Your Geocache Logs?”

  1. For a short period I posted some logs to Groundspeak. This was during August/September 2010 and spring 2011. Each log had a Wordl image with it. Some rude responses were leveled.

    Groundspeak continued its horrible customer service. The rude log people actually complained to Groundspeak who then blasted me. I truly don’t think they even looked at the logs.

    I eventually got the girl to read some of the logs the complainers posted. She seemed sympathetic, but never removed them. Apparently you can call others idiots and other names on their servers.

    Nice and family friendly. I removed my logs, once again, from their servers. There is no place for me in the online game.

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