Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

My wife is fond of saying

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Yeah, that’s not exactly my style. I have learned that I am far more in tune with my negative emotions. I dwell upon the minutia.

But I am getting better.

After two weeks off, I was back at the gym tonight. Hurting. Big time. Last night I smoked a pork butt for 12 hours. It finished at 5:30 this morning. Not much sleep. The night before I was up until 4:00 doing grades and finishing up some stuff.

So when I got to the Toastmasters meeting tonight I was exhausted. During the day I was asked if I minded not being table topics master for the evening and instead evaluate. I complied only to find out I was left off the agenda. Sigh . . . drive an hour exhausted for absolutely no role at the meeting. Grumpy.

As the meeting dragged on, I just withdrew. I was going to have to re-adjust my personal schedule to accommodate the lost role. The special presentation wasn’t holding my attention much. Lots of volunteers were needed. I let everyone else have a chance. Way too tired and not particularly motivated to participate.

Right at the end, another plea for two volunteers. Not many left. One hand. A little discussion trying to motivate behind me when I heard Tom from the back of the room suggest I step up.

Uh, okay.

Topic: Happiest Day of Your Life.

I do not speak in superlatives.

One of the happiest days of your life.

Sigh . . .

For an impromptu while I was dragging, had a good speech. Now have a topic for a full speech: You Can’t Plan Happiness.

I was asked to do table topics next week (back on schedule), complimented profusely on speech, complimented on looks, lots of kudos. Success picks up the spirit.

Today wasn’t so bad after all. 😉

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