Millville Public Library: Fail

I have had plenty of disappointments with the Millville Public Library over the years. Today they continued. It baffles me why taxpayers continue to fund this rag-tag operation.

One of the good things about Cumberland County is the CLUES system. CLUES is a network of public libraries in the county. Books are exchanged freely from one library to the next. It makes for a cleaner environment as one doesn’t need to travel far to get resources as they will be delivered locally. Likewise, returning books is equally convenient. So, residents in Millville who have a little library have access to far more resources than it normally would because it can access all the resources from the better library.

Of course, this is only so when the system works.

A couple weeks ago I requested the book A Visit from the Goon Squad. A book club I am involved in decided to read it. There is one copy in Cumberland County and it was checked out. I placed a hold on the book. I submitted that I wanted to pick it up in Millville.

Today, I happened by the Vineland library. They had a book I wanted to read and I returned a couple books Beetle checked out. I inquired if they could tell me when the Good Squad book was due to be returned. The librarian informed me it was in Millville. Oh.

I stopped by on the way home. Sure enough, the book was on the hold shelf with my name on it. How I was to know that without being informed it was there, I do not know.

It seems like the Millville library does nothing correct. I don’t know why I continue to make use of it.

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